what is SOLD?

What is SOLD?

SOLD represents the four core priorities – social responsibility, opportunity, lifestyle and diversity.

As a key lifestyle initiative of the MFAA, we aim to promote these values to our members, the MFAA community, and the broader mortgage and finance industry.

Social Responsibility

We believe in developing businesses with a ‘social conscience’ and a positive relationship to the broader society in which they operate. The key role our brokers play in their respective communities represents a unique opportunity to assist local customers and support the places in which we live, work and play. SOLD drives and promotes a range of unique lifestyle initiatives that are coordinated by the MFAA.


Our mantra – “Healthy you, Healthy business” – represents an ongoing commitment to promoting healthy practices that have a real impact on business success. We believe that a thriving business depends on a healthy work-life balance, the availability of support networks and an understanding of personal brand. We aim to educate and promote general health and understanding through our ongoing events, Advisory Forum and social networks.

For mental health information and advice, please visit the following organisations websites:
Black Dog Institute
Lifeline Australia


We are committed to creating and promoting opportunities for women and other minority groups through sharing information, providing mentorship and continued education, developing networks and inspirational storytelling. Through internal research and publication of industry statistics, SOLD highlights the crucial role that these groups play in the broader mortgage and finance industry.


Through SOLD and the broader MFAA, we maintain a commitment to social and cultural diversity to match the multicultural nature of the Australian landscape. Our various initiatives aim to encourage and promote equality and opportunity in the workplace for all minority groups, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

During the coming year, the new SOLD programme will include professional development events focused on the four pillars, an industry advisory panel to align initiatives within the market, a launch of the new educational portal with information, links to services and interactive self-help tools and a peer to peer support network as a channel for Finance Brokers to engage and network.

Through our social communities, our networking events, our mentorship program and our partner charities, we aim to make a real difference in the mortgage and finance industry.

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