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Jodi Carle

Western Australia

Jodi Carle


As a mother of three children, whose previous career was as a Secondary Education,  Business & Technology Teacher, Jodi draws upon her passion for education and a commitment to community service in her career as a Finance Broker. Jodi is an advocate for improving financial literacy skills and providing a service that never loses sight of the core values of integrity, accountability, professionalism and financial security.

Drawing on her financial skills, Jodi was instrumental in setting up a School Banking Program within her children’s local primary school. This program has now been running for over 6 years; and in the first five years while she coordinated the program, the children saved $55,000 plus earning interest, as well as raising $5000 for the P&F to buy additional learning resources for the school. As a result, Jodi was nominated as a WA  finalist in the 2016 MFAA:SOLD Community Champion Award.

Setting up a Finance Broking company built upon Jodi’s interest in property investments and enabled her to maintain a work-life balance, with a growing family. Her business has flourished and now encompasses residential and commercial property, and small to medium enterprises (business) credit advice.

In the course of her work, Jodi has become acutely aware of the need to educate the younger generation in knowledge, skills and attitudes with regards to money management, to set them up to prosper and thrive in an uncertain adult world. She believes that young people need to understand the difference between needs and wants, and the importance of saving and deferring gratification. Jodi is therefore committed to enhancing the financial literacy of young people through educational presentations and programs that will stand them in good stead to build financial stability for themselves and their future families.

The necessity for long-term financial security has become very apparent in recent times as relying on pensions is no longer a viable retirement strategy. Through her work, Jodi’s aim is to assist people to navigate through this new financial terrain and to achieve lasting financial stability and success through making sound property and loan choices.

“Ensuring personal financial wellbeing by establishing a sound financial base and security, for example owning a home and a building a portfolio, allows us to go beyond meeting our own needs, to having the capacity to be of assistance to others in whatever form that may take- donating time (volunteering), or providing funds to assist family, friends, worthwhile charities and causes, and/or those in positions less fortunate than our own. This is our true contribution to a better world now and for generations to come.”


To find out more about MFAA:SOLD in WA, please contact Jodi at or on 0411 967 954.

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