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Jennifer Bachir

Jennifer Bachir


Jennifer Bachir is the owner and founder of Key Finance and Investments. She has several years of experience in business and professional services. Prior to starting her finance broking business, she previously held Senior roles at two of Australia’s leading Corporate Restructuring and Advisory firms. She then went on to Senior Accounting roles in SME’s within the construction space. Jennifer has worked with clients from a range of industries including (but not limited to); financial services, retail, construction, engineering, entertainment and medical.
Jennifer has a strong commercial acumen and has a proven record of delivering her clients with the best results achievable. She is a self-starter with a passion for providing quality service to her clients.


Being a qualified accountant, MFAA credit adviser and avid property investor, Jennifer has built up a wealth of knowledge which enables her to better understand client’s needs and help them achieve their financial goals. Key Finance and Investments, mission is to unlock their clients financial potential and put them on a path to financial freedom.


Jennifer strongly believes that making the right financial decisions early on, whether it be in business, career, and/or investments is vital in maximising financial prosperity and achieving a healthy work-life balance. She is also passionate about giving back to the community with her charity involvement.


To find out further information about MFAA: SOLD in NSW contact Jennifer at 

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