Meet the motor finance trailblazer

In a competitive and male-dominated niche of the finance broking industry, Mhairi Macleod was determined to succeed.

Today, Mhairi is a business leader in motor-vehicle and equipment finance with her own business Astute Ability Group. Astute Ability Group is continuing to evolve and always looking for new avenues to expand on, such as their own young entrepreneurs program and her ongoing contributions to community initiatives.

In a recent interview with Australian Broker, she highlights how Tracy Kearey, Director of Home Loan Connexion is the most inspirational broker she has met.

“Her constant drive and ambition to want to succeed and be the very best at what she does is incredible,” she says.

“We have forged a great friendship based on mutual respect and continue to be enthusiastic panel members of  WIMBN. We both have a passion for our industry and educating young people via opportunities such as the Global Money Week initiative,” says Mhairi.

As an active MFAA: SOLD panel member, Mhairi endeavours to bring people together for personal growth and to foster self-efficiency through initiatives as Global Money Week.

Read more about Mhairi and her contributions via the Australian Broker interview below:



Hot Seat: Mhairi MacLeod

Australian Broker

27 June 2016


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