Building on broker success

By Sabrina Cortez

For newcomers to the broking industry, there will always be a debate as to whether or not to engage a mentor. A mentor can offer advice on daily activities such as generating leads, understanding policy changes and gauging service levels.

Tracy Kearey, Director of Home Loan Connexion, broke into the industry with no prior experience working in finance. She started her career when she was looking for new opportunities on how to pay her mortgage. Now, she is three years into a business partnership with Ian Cain, her co-director.
Businesses need to understand that finding a mentor that aligns with their company values may take some time. It will also require an ongoing commitment to learning and additional hours from the new broker. It is also important to consider that investing in new-to-the-industry brokers could allow your business to tap into a diverse clientele you have yet to consider.

“I think what makes us a bit different is we’ve got experience, but we’ve also got diversity. We’ve got young people, we’ve got different cultures, we’ve got women, all different ages, and we attract all different styles of people,” Tracy tells Australian Broker.

“What might be my sort of client may not suit a colleague. So we can offer a lot of different styles of people, and people are what make clients want to use your service.”

Seeking the right mentor to help your employees is an important decision to consider to take your business to the next level. If you haven’t found the right mentor, start by engaging an MFAA accredited mentor today.
Tracy tells the MFAA why being proactive and giving up personal time back to the industry is important. “We’re always looking for ways to grow and build on our business,” says Tracy. “But for me it’s important to teach other brokers the personal value of investing time and giving back to our own industry.”
“This is why I joined the MFAA:SOLD panel so I can share my knowledge to help educate brokers and customers.”
“We were selecting influential brokers to help guide the industry as it becomes increasingly diverse at all levels,” says Stephen Hale, MFAA Head of Marketing and Communications.
“The brokers on the MFAA:SOLD panel have provided valuable insights into the changing needs of both customers and brokers.”
The original interview was developed on Australian Broker below on how Tracy Kearey’s mentor-mentee system has added to their businesses success.


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