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Paul Flanagan

Paul Flanagan

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    Why is community involvement important?

    Community involvement is important to contribute to the greater good, connect with and understand people from various backgrounds, see a bigger picture and make real life connections. From a wellbeing point of view, being able to think and work outside of yourself, puts some healthy space between you and your daily pressures and so is a great way to connect with your community and help your own wellbeing in the process.

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    Why do you think it is important across all industries to provide more opportunities for women?

    Institutions are slow to move with the times and catch up with changes in the rest of the world. Society has moved on, but some institutions are stuck in old habits. By institutions, I’m including employers and their employment and work practices. The lag between society and institutions means that ‘slow to adapt’ institutions don’t reflect the community and have a disconnect with their people and customers.

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    What do you consider a healthy lifestyle?

    Striving for things that ‘do good’ in way that is both within, and expands, your comfort zone. This requires goals that are beyond your personal goals, putting first things first, real connections, self- reflection and balance.

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    Why is cultural diversity so important in Australia?

    The modern world is rich and diverse. If we don’t plan to foster and value diversity and inclusiveness, the differences become a negative rather than positive. Truly valuing differences opens up your mind to new ways of looking at things.

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    Tell me about three people that have inspired you?

    A friend is a professor in the field of childhood cancer. His work life is about his patients and his medical research to help others now and in the future. He puts his significant abilities and energies into improving the health of others and the community as a whole. His focus on others, work ethic and passion is inspiring.

    I had a teacher who was passionate about the subject matter I was interested in, but also gave extra time to his students beyond the call of duty, which I now appreciate is hard to do. He was an everyday person who gave his time to others, without extra pay to inspire – that’s inspiring.

    I find politicians who have a vision, who work for their community, large or small, and who work towards making a positive difference, inspiring.

Paul Flanagan's bio

Paul Flanagan is a senior psychologist, with over 20 years’ experience in clinical and organisational psychology. His professional work in psychology has been broad, with a focus in the areas of stress and wellbeing in relation to work, business and work-life. Professionally, Paul has been a consultant to many large organisations on people, culture and wellbeing issues, as well as providing business and leadership coaching to executives and business owners.

Paul has also been a business owner of an SME that grew into a national company which became part of a global company and so understands the issues, personal challenges and impact in different environments. Paul has been actively involved in not for profit organisations and has been Board member of private companies, government advisory committees and professional associations.

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