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Mhairi MacLeod

Mhairi MacLeod

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    Why is community involvement important?

    It’s about bringing people together for personal growth and to foster self-efficiency. By providing valuable resources, such as financial literacy, and engaging the community at a grassroots level; this builds self-esteem and provides ownership, no matter how small your business is. It also gives me so much back, both personally and professionally.

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    Why do you think it is important across all industries to provide more opportunities for women?

    Women have a huge role in the future of Australia as they educate their children. If we increase women participation in the workforce, we increase community and family participation and a growth in understanding that no matter what level you enter the workforce, you can have pride in your participation.

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    What do you consider a healthy lifestyle?

    Getting regular sleep so that you can focus on what you want to achieve in your business, personal or family life. Making sure you don’t take too much on so that you have the energy to multi task in your multiple roles and be a good person. It’s all about structuring your timetable right.

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    Why is cultural diversity so important in Australia?

    We live in one of the most diverse societies in the world with one in four Australians being born outside of Australia and many only first or second generation Australians. It is important to understand the value that all these cultures can bring to our business and communications. If everyone is accepted equally, we will have a happy society.

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    Tell me about three people that have inspired you?

    Currently, I find the high school kids I am teaching financial literacy the most inspiring. They are bursting with excitement with no roadblocks or barriers and an untainted view. They have more technology knowledge, research capabilities and cultural experience and are very practical. Their attitude is ‘why can’t we do it?’, they are fresh, young and it’s great the way they think.

    In my past, my father, as he taught me that no matter who you are or where you live you can do something as long as you make the effort.

    And my staff who inspire me daily with the different ways they do things and the new ideas they come up with.

Mhairi MacLeod's bio

Mhairi began her career in the Motor Trade at 19 years of age and soon learnt that this industry was traditionally male dominated field to which she had to learn to navigate which was also very character building.

Mhairi was mentored into the Business Management Role of Finance and Insurance which was a thrilling and fast moving role dealing with a real mix of individual sales people across five different Vehicle Franchise , Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Daewoo and Used Cars from 1991 to 1998.

The Motor Trade built resilience, along with motivation which led Mhairi to put the skills it taught her to start her own Broker Business.

1998 saw Mhairi establish Astute Ability Group and once again hit a traditionally male dominated field selling finance for Motor Vehicle and Equipment deals, this came with negative response from the male peers she had worked with over the previous years and she was told she would never be as successful as a man in this environment……. Mhairi saw the big picture and took this on with a “I Can Do” attitude and has gone from strength to strength, even out lasting some of those Brokers who said she could not do it..

Astute Ability Group also grew to include a Residential Home loan book which was built from the Asset Finance book Mhairi successfully sold this book after 10 yrs and continues to focus on Asset Finance.

Mhairi Successfully brought the business through the GFC unlike many other Brokers and success of the business is due to Mhairi always adapting to market conditions, ongoing self-education and seeking new ways of sourcing and processing business.

Astute Ability Group is continuing to evolve and always looking for new avenues to expand on, such as heading into the Equine Services funding for Horse Floats, Tow Vehicle, and Equine Equipment. This has proven to be not only successful by exciting in so many ways.

Mhairi has brought Astute Ability Group to become National Award Winners 2015 in Professional Services and an MFAA Excellence Awards Finalist 2015.

Accepting change and a challenge is what drives Mhairi; the Finance Broker Industry has so much diversity along with exciting growth with many talented people to contribute to our industry. This year Mhairi is undertaking further studies and hopes to complete her MBA within 12 months.

This school term Mhairi has also partnered with a local high school to educate students on financial literacy and how to run a small business. While the program won’t centre around driving students to mortgage and finance broking specifically she will be thrilled if it encouraged more your people to enter the industry.

During the last 16 and half years Mhairi has seen the introduction of GST along with the Global Financial Crisis and starting her own family while growing Astute Ability Group that you see today.

Mhairi is a mother of two young boys aged 12 and 9 also wife to Paul who is a FIFO worker who works away for 4 -5 weeks at a time which means Mhairi runs a very tight schedule around work and family. Mhairi also enjoys travelling with her family and has given her boys some very exciting adventures over the past few years.

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