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Mary Degetto

Mary Degetto

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    Why is community involvement important?

    Sometimes we can get caught up in our own world and ourselves, so we have a responsibility to contribute overall to the bigger picture, and this can also be rewarding in many ways. To give back and help someone you don’t know who may be less fortunate than yourself is a very enriching experience and feeds your soul.

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    Why do you think it is important across all industries to provide more opportunities for women?

    Women have so much to contribute. They are often the main carer as well as a money earner. We need to raise the profile of women and celebrate who they are both in and out of work with the understanding that you can both have your own business and be a mum.

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    What do you consider a healthy lifestyle?

    Having a work life balance. You need to be able to give to yourself, and not feel guilty about it, in order to give to others. For me, that’s time out to go for a run for an hour; being ok with rolling things over to the next day at work and being in the moment when you spend time with family.

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    Why is cultural diversity so important in Australia?

    We are a young nation of varied cultures which gives us this wonderful melting pot of different backgrounds to learn from. It exposes us to different experiences in a remote area of the world and gives our country a richer tapestry.

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    Tell me about three people that have inspired you?

    Madonna as a strong woman who is decisive about what she wants and keeps going after it no matter what has always been an idol of mine;

    Steve Jobs, who passed away a little before my late husband did of the same disease. His story of success through adversity is very inspiring; and

    My partner, Steve Degetto; who taught me patience, how to enjoy life, to believe in myself, but not take myself too seriously. He has given me so much joy and happiness and made me see that I can achieve anything and make a difference.

Mary Degetto's bio

At the age of 38, Mary Degetto was widowed with two young boys and left to run the Natloans – Finance and Leasing. Since then, Mary has successfully grown the business, raised her boys into happy teenagers and continues to keep a healthy work life balance.

Although Mary successfully completing a Bachelor and Economics at Monash University, her greatest education has been learning on the job, not being afraid of hard work and believing in herself. This is what has assisted her in being one of the most awarded vehicle and equipment brokerages in Australia, particularly in a very male dominated sector of this industry.

Natloans has won AFG Vehicle and Equipment Broker for Victoria and/or Nationally for 5 years running. Mary has also been Commercial Broker Finalist in the 2015 MFAA Awards and Australian Broker Finalist for Asset Finance Broker (2015).

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