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Carl Violeta

Carl Violeta

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    Why is community involvement important?

    The most important reason to be a socially responsible business, and engage with your community is to make a positive difference.
    Collectively, as businesses, if we leverage our expertise to create societal good, we can make a huge impact!

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    Why do you think it is important across all industries to provide more opportunities for women?

    It’s important because it’s fair, I believe that everyone deserves a fair go. On a personal level, I want my daughter to be afforded the same opportunities as her male peers when she enters the workforce. More broadly, research shows that achieving gender equality across all industries has a positive impact on a country’s overall economic performance.

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    What do you consider a healthy lifestyle?

    To me it’s about balance, and living mindfully.

    Eating well, exercising, spending time with family, and working hard to achieve goals you are passionate about are important factors.

    Having a healthy mindset is also important. I consciously work hard to make sure I have a positive, proactive, solution focused mind set, by setting realistic goals, focusing on what I have influence over, and practicing gratitude.

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    Why is cultural diversity so important in Australia?

    I migrated to Australia when I was 11 years old. I feel honoured to live in a county that is home to the world’s oldest continuous culture. I’m grateful for the opportunities available to me as an Australian.

    Living in a multicultural environment enriches everyone’s lives. Australia’s multiculturalism gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the global economy, broadens our business horizons, and helps to improve our economic ties with the rest of the world.

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    Tell me about three people that have inspired you?

    My grandmother Aurora Violeta, was a truly awe inspiring woman. She was an entrepreneur who knew how to hustle! While raising 12 kids, she with my grandfather, ran a farm in the Philippines, they produced fish, prawns, crab, and sugarcane. Every harvest they would sell them wholesale. My grandmother would keep a portion of their harvest aside to sell retail at the markets. She was a keen negotiator, when she didn’t have enough money to pay school tuition, she would barter with the school.


    Michael Jordan is living legend when it comes to basketball. He wasn’t born a superstar, he had to work hard to become one.  Rejection and setbacks, don’t defeat him, they motivate him to work harder. It’s that winning mindset, and unstoppable work ethic that inspires me.


    Richard Branson (like my grandfather) didn’t attain a University Degree, but still achieved great success. His business savvy, and expertise around creating a brand that resonates with people is something I aspire to. His commitment to giving back, the way he values his staff, and his tenacious, and fun loving attitude is inspiring to me.

Carl Violeta's bio

Carl entered the Finance Brokering industry less than two years ago, and has quickly earned a reputation as a trusted professional with a fresh, down to earth and community focused approach.

Carl and his South-East Victorian based operation Violeta Finance is well regarded within the industry, winning the Newcomer and Community Champion categories of the 2016 MFAA Excellence Awards (Victoria), and being awarded National Finalists positions at the 2016 Australian Mortgage Awards in the categories of Quality Young Gun, Best Community Engagement, Best Customer Service from an Individual Office, and Most Effective Internet Presence.

Carl is regularly called upon to advise and support other new to industry brokers, through panel appearances, and Key-note speaking engagements.
Growing up in a small rural village in the Philippines, gave Carl an appreciation of the importance of a community helping each other to survive, and succeed.

Carl’s belief that everyone deserves a fair go and the importance of giving back to the community underpin Violeta Finance’s business mission.
The Violeta Finance team are actively involved in supporting the global, and local community, by running financial literacy programs, creating a support network that champions women in business, and hosting regular community events raising funds for charitable causes.

To ensure equitable access to Finance Brokering services, Violeta Finance’s office is child and baby friendly, registered with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and wheel chair accessible.

Carl’s vision is to play a role in influencing the Australian Finance & Mortgage Brokering Industry to become the leading example of best practice in regards to inclusion, and social responsibility, globally across all industries.

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