SOLD is a professional network based Social Responsibility, Opportunity, Lifestyle and Diversity.
  • Employees are your most important asset. So if you're prioritising KPIs, results and strategies but ignoring their mental health and wellbeing, then your business productivity will suffer as a result. ​ "Your work, your results and the whole spirit of...
  • At a recent SOLD event in Sydney, the MFAA caught up with Global Money Week ambassador Mhairi Macleod and the MFAA's Stephen Hale to find out their top tips for brokers looking to raise their profiles through school education programs.
Marissa Schultze
After holding senior Commercial Banking positions, Marissa and her husband James established Rise High Financial Solutions with the key objective of empowering their clients to achieve their financial goals. With…


  • Stephen Hale and Mhairi Macleod, Astute Ability Group, at the Sydney SOLD Roadshow: all you need is passion and the drive bridge the conversation gap with kids about daily spending habits. #mfaaGMW #mfaaSOLD
  • It's time to get involved in your local community, but find an initiative that you're passionate about as our #mfaasold Ambassadors recommend at the Perth Roadshow.
  • It was a pleasure to see SOLD Ambassador Marissa Schulze, from Rise High Financial Solutions, provide her insights on the many opportunities for women in the industry, at the Adelaide SOLD Roadshow. #mfaasold
  • Stephen Hale at the SOLD Roadshow in Melbourne: "How can brokers reach out to their local community?" #mfaasold
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